Keaton’s Korner

Hey, everyone, welcome to Keaton’s Korner! My name is Keaton.

Below you’ll find some pix. All pictures are locations that I love to stare at when I visit the Walt Disney World Resort. All pictures are shot on an iPhone X and edited with Adobe Photoshop to give it a little of that magic touch.

We (I) have also launched Screenparks. All photos are free to use either via screenshot or download so you can make a magical phone background! (Just pretty please don’t post and pretend you took the photo or edited them. Dats rude.)

When visiting the WDW, I can’t help but feel some warm and fuzzies. When I scrolled through the Tweetbook and watch videos on the MeTube, I found content that liked to critique and criticize and tear down. We all can use some good criticism, but I wanted to share with others that warm fuzzy that I feel and try and put it in a photo.

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Created for the purpose of phone backgrounds. More to come!


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