it’s who you know!

ok, but really. I love to meet new people. Especially those that formally (or currently) play Neopets. I also love to chat about graphic design, theatre, and Disney.

I love designing. I actually have a business called Theatre Juice. If you have any questions regarding graphic design services, please reach out to the company directly!

My fav musicals include Chess, Evita, The Secret Garden, and bare: a pop opera.

My fav Disney movie is “The Emperor’s New Groove”. I also just recently watched all two Cars films and “Cars 3” is probs my new favorite Disney•Pixar film.*

Fav Disney theme park is Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Any other questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions? Click or tap (depending on your device) the button below!


*Monsters University is honestly my favorite and we can have an in-depth conversation as to why over coffee if you would like to discuss